Certified Blockchain and Healthcare Professional

Certified Blockchain & Healthcare Professional

Become a Certified Blockchain & Healthcare Professional™

As the industry faces many critical issues, healthcare professionals are turning to, and implementing Blockchain solutions to improve privacy, data integrity, cost reductions, and regulatory compliance. We’ll discuss current and new industry use cases, as well as detailed coverage of the regulatory environment. This course focuses on how Blockchain is being used to improve and resolve many of the current and future healthcare industry problems.


    • Healthcare Industry Overview
      • Healthcare Services
      • Healthcare Market Analysis
      • Problems Affecting Healthcare industry
    • Problem Statement – Drug Counterfeiting
    • Problem Statement – Clinical Trials
    • Problem Statement – Healthcare Records Management
    • Blockchain Overview
  • Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology
  • Use Case - Healthcare Records Management
  • Use Case - Preventing Drug Counterfeiting
  • Case - Clinical Trials
  • Certified Blockchain & Healthcare Professional™ Exam
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